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The Student Ministry of Central Baptist Church | Dunn, NC

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Partnering with families to reach and disciple

a generation for Christ.

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When We Meet...

When We Meet








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Why salt & light?

Here at Central, we know God hasn’t given up on this generation. Students in middle and high school can live sold out and set apart lives for Him. It’s our ambition to offer a student ministry that focuses on seeing young people embrace the Gospel. It’s our passion to see Jesus Christ transform young people. It’s our desire to see students "all in" for God.


In Matthew 5:13-16, Jesus gives us two metaphors that describes the influence His followers are to have in this world—salt & light, and that applies to teenagers. We believe that with God’s strength, students can live counter-cultural in the 21st century by being salt of the earth and light of the world, but that only comes after experiencing the grace that is offered to everyone through the cross.

The student ministry of Central Baptist Church is more than just a youth group. We are a community of believers that welcomes any student in 6th-12th grade regardless of what neighborhood you're from, what school you go to, or what your taste in music is. 

As much as we focus on the spiritual development of the students, our student ministry exists to come alongside the parents. We believe God has given parents the primary role of discipling their kids and through His grace allows us to partner with them to see their teens become sold out and set apart followers of Jesus.

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